Why Learn Another Language?

diversitygroupWhile English is the primary language in this country, U.S. Census Bureau statistics indicate that well over 60,000,000 residents speak a language other than English at home. The majority of those speak Spanish, but languages like French, German, Chinese and Korean are also common. Communicating with those people for business or social reasons is an excellent reason to learn another language, but there are other reasons to learn another language. There are five excellent language learning benefits to consider.

1. Improve Your Primary Language Skills.

Remember those classes where teachers tried to have students learn grammar rules? Most people remember the classes, but not the grammar rules. Learning another language forces people to apply the grammar rules ignored in the past.

2. Learn to Recognize Words From More Languages.

During William Shakespeare’s time, there were approximately 203,000 words in the English language. Today, according to Oxford Dictionaries, there are approximately 750,000. Because many words in the dictionary have multiple meanings, the actual number of words in use is far higher. Many of those words were adopted from other languages, making it easier for language learners to recognize words used in other languages.

3. Improve memory skills.

Learning another language sharpens memory skills and forces people to access portions of the brain not normally used. Some studies indicate this improved mental acuity actually improves skills in other areas, like math or science in addition to language skills.

4. Be More Aware of Other Cultures.

Learning another language generally improves the speaker’s grasp of another culture and how we relate to that culture. The nuances of languages reflect the cultures and values of others, making it possible to reflect more clearly on differences in cultures, as well as similarities.

5. Learning Another Language is Fun!

Although the process is challenging, the sense of accomplishment from learning another language makes life more enjoyable for many learners. People who love a challenge look forward to learning the vocabulary and grammar practices of another language.

People explore other languages for many reasons. Some are interested in improving their employment options, but others are clearly stimulated by more esoteric reasons. No matter why the learning occurs, the end results are well worth the efforts.

Looking For Language Learning Programs?

There are several great online software programs that you can use in order to learn a new language at home.  One of the best programs is Rocket Languages, where you can easily take the program on the go with you.  They’ve improved the program quite a bit over the years, and it offers the best bang for the buck in all the language software programs that we’ve tried.  It’s available in French, Spanish, German, Italian, and more.  Check it out today!

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